Saturday, March 12, 2016

Cari bouquet bunga untuk seseorang yang special?

Cari bouquet bunga untuk seseorang yang special?​​You don't want to be one of those stale romantic gift-givers, but you only have so many options when it comes what you can give your partner, right? Wrong! You have far more options for romantic gift-giving than you ever thought possible! You can take old ideas and make them fresh and new or you can just come up with your own, brilliant gift ideas! It doesn't matter how you come about finding the right romantic gift to give as long as you are giving the gift to your partner out of love.

If you and your partner are traditional yet a bit adventurous, you can take a traditional romantic gift and make it really fun! Most people, men included, love flowers. It isn't a masculine or feminine thing when you give flowers. It is a personal taste issue like color and fragrance. Instead of giving your partner his or her favorite flowers, give them a unique edible gift like a bouquet of edible flowers.

There are actually flowers you can eat! There is no guarantee that every edible flower will taste good, but it is a bouquet and experience you and your partner aren't likely to forget! You can put together an edible bouquet from any combination or all of these flowers: daisies, dandelion flowers, honeysuckle, hollyhocks, lavender, anise hyssop flowers, calendula, arugula flowers, chamomile, borage, chrysanthemums, chive flowers, day lilies, pansies, squash blossoms, violets, rose petals, marigolds, nasturtium flowers and mustard flowers.

For the perfect accompaniment for your edible flower bouquet, add a musical card. You can find cards that play music when you open them at many gift stores and even some party centers and warehouse stores. If you can find a card that plays a song having to do with flowers of some kind or an edible treat, it would be a fun idea to go with your bouquet. An even better card would be one that plays his or her favorite song or "your" song!

As long as you are thinking about edible gifts, you can't go wrong with chocolate. Both men and women love chocolate and it is always a hit with either gender. Instead of getting a box of chocolates, get a different chocolate bar for every day of the week. Better yet, get a different brand of chocolate for every day of the month. You can also find services that deliver chocolate at regular intervals for your partner, too. If you choose to do this, don't tell your partner about it. Just set it up and let him or her keep guessing as to when and how often it will come!

Another great edible romantic gift idea is to have a complete lobster dinner shipped to your home! You don't have to go out to enjoy a lobster feast. You can order a lobster meal to be shipped overnight right in the cooking pot to your home. Let your partner open the package when it comes without giving a clue as to what is in it. Everything is all ready to go in the pot and you just need to place it on the stove and wait. Light some candles, put on some music and enjoy!

Take a few minutes to think about the edible wonders you can use in your romantic gift giving endeavors. You and your partner most likely have many tastes you share and others that are uniquely individual. Pay attention to what he or she prefers and make that your priority. Once you get the ball rolling and those taste buds working, your edible romantic gifts may just bypass the stomach and go straight to your partner's heart!

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